Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday Snapshot (on a Monday)

What a week.  School holidays are full on here.  I am exhausted.  But a good exhausted.

Sunday night, I like to sit down and reminisce about the week that was.  I take photos with my phone all week.  The Five Little Reasons love sitting down and looking through the snapshots!

I know I already told you we went to the Lifeline bookfest last Saturday, but went again on Monday when they had half price.

I thought it was cheap enough.

But they then ADDED 50% off.

We ended up getting about 50 books for $30.

I found the first 5 books of "The Babysitter Club".

Anyone else remember the series?

They are for Lucy.  Honestly!

Car Boot Tetris!

3 bikes, 3 scooters, a picnic blanket, and the pram.

I love my car!

I love this girl so very much!

Little boys were at kindy on Friday,
so I took Hayden, Lucy and Camille to the Planetarium.

I can't believe we have never been before.

AWESOME!  Highly recommend!

My favourite pair of jeans.


Camille and Oliver share a nice warm bath.

My heart melts!

A trip to Brisbane to see family,
and we decided to stop at South Bank on the way.  

A hot chip breadroll and cinnamon donuts
made for an easy and delicious picnic.

Brett taught Hayden to do push-ups.

Don't eat my baby, Dingo.

No?  Not funny?

Not even a little bit?

We spent 45 mins doing a quick run though the QLD Museum.

We parked our car in the side streets of South Brisbane.

To save $10 in parking.

'Cause I am stingy.

My kids imaginations are wild.

This is... "Ghost Skin".

Until Hayden told them it couldn't be,
because Ghosts are made of clouds.

Your turn.  Link me up with your Sunday Snapshots!



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