Monday, July 4, 2011

Scooters are taking over the world!

My parents ran a roller skating rink when I was 15.  I quickly became a "rink rat".  I was a shy girl, and the best thing for me was the day they stuck me in the music booth and told me to run a session.  I caught on quickly, and loved taking requests and organising games.  

It was my very first job.

I became very good on roller blades.  I started playing Inline Hockey, which took off in the early nineties with a vengeance.   I became "one of the boys" and would spend my weekends blading through Brisbane city - I could go down stairs, and "grind" along pipes.

In 1996, we switched from roller blading to ice skating.  I would spend every weekend at the Ice Rink.  I also played Ice Hockey and became one of the youngest female Internationally Qualified Ice Hockey Referee's.  

My qualifications are still valid, and they have asked me to come back a number of times.


One day.


Roller skating rinks died in the late nineties, and so did roller blading to an extent.  I mean, when was the last time you saw a roller blader skating past?

The Five Little Reasons stick to our street.  They can roller blade, scooter and ride their bikes extremely well.

 In the street.  

The biggest "jump" is going up our driveway or down a gutter.

So, when Hayden asked a few months ago to go to a session at a new indoor skate park, I was hesitant.  I said we would go on the holidays, and we would go without the little boys.  

Finally, last Friday, when the little boys were at kindy, I took Hayden and Lucy to "The Compound".  $15 entry (they used their pocket money) for a 3 hour session. 

We took both their bikes and scooters.  I didn't think we would pull the scooters out.  I thought it was going to be mainly bikes and skateboards... But scooters are taking over the world!  

We started at the "baby" ramps.  Hayden took to it like a duck to water.  

Lucy struggled.

I knew exactly how she was feeling.

The ONLY girl in a boy dominated sport.

The bigger boys watched on as Lucy and I ran, yes RAN up and down the ramps.  I wanted her to get a sense of the slope and see that it wasn't so scary.  I wanted her to realise that if she wasn't going to make a ramp... she could just place her feet on the ground and run it.  No falling.

It seemed to work and she became more and more confident.

A strange as it sounds, a small stack was just what she needed to boost her confidence.

Camille and I sat with the other parents and I chatted to another mum who had his 10 year old and 2 of his friends there for his birthday.

I turned around to find Hayden GONE.  I found him in another section... gone down THIS!

Oh.  My.  Goodness.

Hayden then decided to try his bike.  He was in heaven!

Hayden has asked to go again.  

Lucy has said she wants to go and get a pedicure.

**I have no affiliation with The Compound.  However if they were to give me some free passes, I would gladly take them! 


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  1. Great photo's. Looks like they had a lot of fun. :)


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