Saturday, July 30, 2011

I am not a Vampire!

I have come to the conclusion that Winter is my least favourite season.  We are a Summer family.  Actually, we are an every season family... except Winter!

The Five Little Reasons and I are missing our Driveway Delights like crazy.  The bigger kids have been getting some bike time, however with the constant sniffles I have been reluctant to have the little ones outside... even when all rugged up in their woolies.

So we have been spending our time inside.  In the warmth.  Drinking hot chocolates, taking long hot bubble baths and playing endlessly with lego and puzzles.

The windows are closed and the curtains drawn, creating our own little cave, cocooned from the chilly breeze that seems to be constant.  We live in the dark, like bats.  As cosy as it is, the lack of sunshine and air flow causes me to get cabin fever.

Hopefully there is only a few more weeks left of winter.


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