Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

Life goes so fast, that it is nice to sit back on a Sunday night and reminisce about the week that was.  I carry my phone everywhere I go, snapping photos that ordinarily wouldn't be a blog post in their own right.

I am walking the kids to school now.  It is a 10-15 min walk, up and down the hills.  I really enjoy it.  

This is the result of not using the car for 4 days, and a small child
leaving the side door of the mamavan ajar.  DOH!  

Lucy walked into the corner of a stone bench top. OUCH!  
I am so thankful for medical superglue.  Whoever invented it is obviously a parent.  I was trembling at the thought of having to pin her down for stitches.

The gummy smile that now looks up at me.  She made an extra $1 for this tooth as, even though it was only days away from falling out itself, this tooth was accidentally knocked out by her big brother!

My favourite earrings at the moment.  
Nobody likes them.
They make me happy.

Saturday night out with my gorgeous hubby.  
We went to a school fundraising trivia night.
Our table won!
Just sayin' :)

To end our week, we took the dog to the local off-leash doggy park.  
While Brett played with the dog, 
and socialised with other dog owners, 
the Five Little Reasons and I discovered some ducks... 
or are they geese?

I honestly don't know!

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