Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Down the Rabbit Hole

It has taken me 3 days to sort through all the photos from the party.  So here we go...

The afternoon started with guests being lead to our house with little signs that Brett had made up.  There was a few arrows at the roundabouts, and a big arrow on our footpath pointing to "The Rabbit Hole".  We put this one on the path to the front door, just in case someone decided to enter via that way.

The White Rabbit and the Queen of Hearts spent the morning building the rabbit hole.  And what a HIT it was with the kids.  

The guests were greeted by the White Rabbit telling them they were "late" and to go through the rabbit hole.  And I had a little giggle when I heard him directing them in a British accent.  Too funny! And the card soldiers formed a barricade making sure everyone who attended were up to scratch.

 The White Rabbit
(missing his large pocket watch here, hence the really weird looking chain around his belly!)

 The Card Soldiers.

Our gorgeous Cheshire Cat.
She fell asleep in a guests mama's arms mid party - typical cat I guess!

The best family photo we could get.  
We weren't ready, and Oliver clearly didn't want to wear his tie 
(he and his little mate were tweedle dee and tweedle dum). 
He took his pants off not long after this too.

After we played some games, including "What's the Time Mr Rabbit" and croquet & chess, the Mad Hatter served tea and sandwiches.

And then there was dessert.  

The Cake. :)

And it was gooood.  

I love that my boys were fighting over who was closer for the kiss.  
They all wanted it!  :)

And Lucy's guests took home their tea cups and saucers, as well as this little goody bag.  

See the White Rabbit pendant and chain hanging from the box? 

The party was LOADS of fun.  I highly recommend a "Tea Party" for your daughter.  Whether you do it as a Wonderland party, or just an elegant afternoon tea, the girls LOVED drinking tea (apple juice) from their tea cups.

Surprisingly, the boys thoroughly enjoyed it.

Joshua asked me the next day  if we could have a "SuperHero Tea Party" for his birthday.

I can't see why not!  

It was a great day.

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  1. That is a wonderful birthday party. My daughter would love it. I've been thinking of doing a tea party for her this year, you've given me a few extra ideas.


  2. I think that's just amazing! You've inspired me to do something fabulous for Pumpkin's next birthday... but if I want to compete with this I'd better start getting organised, her birthday's only in February! ;-)

  3. Hi Danielle,
    As a fellow follower of your blog, I can really relate to a lot of your blogs as I too have multiple children!! I must say though that this particular blog has ruffled a few of my feathers. I am one half of a working couple and I would love to provide a party like this for my children but it just isn’t feasible for the ‘average’ family, which in the past you have claimed to be. I know you have said you are a bargain hunter, but costumes, tea cups and the party boxes for each child to take home is in my opinion too extreme for a 7th birthday party. How can you keep this standard up for each of your children? If I were a parent leaving your party I’d have a hard time explaining to my little girl that we cannot afford to have birthday parties to that measure. Thanks for the opportunity for everyone to leave a comment; it can sometimes put perspective into people’s lives.

  4. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for your comments. I assure you, that not a lot of money was spent on this party. I was going to do a budget run down post, but didn't think people would be interested... maybe I now will.

    Please be assured that it was a VERY tight budget, and something you can easily do. :)

    Stay tuned for my post.

  5. I hate green eyed monstersJune 5, 2011 at 12:11 PM

    Oh anonymous you are jealous. Part of life is explaining you can't always have what others have. Simple.
    Having a go at someone who went to the effort to do a party on a budget is just low and rather sad.

  6. WOW.. 'anonymous' really?????? you must be sooo exhausted trying to compare yourself and your family to everyone else, and trying to 'keep up'... What you do for you family and what you buy is your own business... ~ Danielle this party looks awsome and you have done a very wonderful job and you are super creative!.. I to have a few children and I have never been this creative for their birthday's.. Well done!

  7. Oh ladies I guess the great thing about these blogs is everyone gets an opinion based on people we have never met. Ever read a text wrong? Misconstrued anything in your lives? Not once did I say I don’t think it looked great, or had lack of creativity. Jealousy is not the issue here; I was simply asking how a party like this can be re-produced several times over for all children? Danielle’s lucky to have friends like you to stick up for her; however as this is a public forum should not all points of view be expressed? Danielle didn’t seem to be upset but obviously ladies, you did. My apologies.

  8. Bet it wasn't apple juice in your tea cup :)

  9. Wow........again you amaze me. I too am inspired to creative a fantastic birthday party for my child's next birthday. After all creating memories for our kids is as you say a wonderful thing. Love love love it. You are an amazing mum Dani.


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