Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cars, Mack Trucks and new friends.

It takes a really exciting movie to get the Five Little Reasons to the cinemas.  The Disney/Pixar films are always top of the list.  I remember the first movie we ever took Hayden to see.  It was Cars and it quickly became a family favourite.

It was 5 years ago to the day.  Hayden was 4 and a half.  

Since then, we have almost worn out our copy of Cars and we have a nice little collection of the licensed toys and clothing.

It is one of those movies that the little kids are mesmerised, the bigger kids love and the adults don't mind watching.   There is a little element of humour thrown in there for us.    

And the soundtrack is AWESOME.  I love a fantastic soundtrack!

So, guess what we are HANGING for?

Cars 2

Off the back of the hugely successful Disney/Pixar Cars, this year, Lightning McQueen returns to tear up the screen with best friend, Mater, for an international adventure as they go up against the world’s fastest cars in Disney/Pixar Cars 2!

  1. Finn McMissle: "Finn McMissile, British intelligence."
  2. Mater: "Tow Mater, average intelligence."

Love it!!!

We have watched the Cars 2 trailer a bunch of times already.  

We are very excited.

I am excited.

Sad?  No WAY!!!

And look what I walked past the other day.  

Just when I thought we had enough lego... Cars2 lego!!!

And how clever is this?
10. More. Days.

This is not a sponsored post, however we do receive movie tickets to see Cars2 thanks to Nuffnang.  Wanna get your own tickets?  All you have to do is blog about Cars2.



  1. We are coutning down the days too.

  2. Hi there - I've been reading for a few months now and am really enjoying your blog and your delightful family. We are super excited about Cars 2 and it is released 2 days before my son's 4th birthday - so his first ever movie outing is going to be his 4th birthday treat. He is very excited!

    I think we watched some/most of Cars every day for about a year and a half starting from the age of about 18mths - he has been a car nut from the age of 6mths!

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