Monday, June 20, 2011

The Big Chop

After 2 plus years of growing my hair, within an instant, I decided to cut it all off.  I am sick of the routine of pulling it back into a pony tail everyday.  It has been below my shoulders for over 10 years.

My problem started with my very thick head of hair.  I have A LOT of hair.  This in turn means that it takes me a good 1/2hr to blow dry it, and then another 1/2hr {at least} of straightening it... and even then, it doesn't look like I have done anything.

For some reason, I thought this was something I had to live with forever.  Then some girlfriends told me they can thin it out.


Cut my hair thin so I don't feel like "Cousin It"?

How did I not know this??  

So, I googled "haircut".

I know... genius hey!  

And this photo popped up.

Now, I love Rachel Adams and I fell in love with this haircut straight away!  I uploaded the photo to my phone and rang the hairdresser first thing this morning.  Being a Monday, they of course had an appointment available!  Perfect.  

I timed my appointment during nap time, and I left the 3 littlest with hubby who just so happened to have the day off.  Awesome.

The hairdresser was so excited when I told her I wanted a "makeover".  I guess I was a good break from the routine of all the trims.

They had a special makeover package.  Shampoo & conditioner, a treatment (which was so lovely), full style cut, eyebrow wax, eyelash tint.

I was ecstatic about the eyebrow wax, as I had been trying to hide my eyebrows under my fringe for a few weeks now!  

I know!

And now, for the big reveal...

I feel so much lighter.  It is a tiny bit shorter than I wanted, but I love it.

Hopefully, it won't take me long to do in the morning.


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