Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunshine after the Rain

It has been raining on and off for what seems like an eternity.  The Easter holidays were miserable, accentuated by that the fact that we had 2 very sick babies.  Needless to say all the big plans we had for the holidays went right out the window - and our driveway was neglected.

So when the sunshine finally came out today, the garage door squeaked open and the bikes cheered as they were finally wheeled out for some Driveway Delight.

The sun was gorgeous.

Not a cloud in the sky.

A heavenly 26 degree's.
(78F for my American readers).

One of the dad's up the road made a ramp for the bikes.  

Oliver didn't want a bike or scooter... It was much more fun on foot!

The kids started asking for morning tea, and with about 4 or 5 add on's, I am always reluctant to bring out fruit.

'Cause it costs a small fortune to feed just my kids.

I can't afford to feed fruit to yours too!

However, popcorn costs nothing!

And the kids LOVE it.

Especially when they get to watch it pop!

On the driveway of course.

So my house stays clean!

It was a BIG hit!
Usually I pop it when they are at school and keep a big container for school lunches - so they never actually get to see it being popped!

After lunch and nap time, we headed out the back.

'Cause the sun hadn't disappeared!

My affection for the sun is growing every day.

How could it not!

Oh, and have I mentioned lately how much I love eyelashes?

Here is another set to grow in love with.

Every day I marvel at the creatures my children are.

I watch them grow.

Sometimes, it seems, overnight.

I love discovering something new about them.

What they now like or dislike.

Or even a brand new freckle.

Eyelashes AND Freckles.

What more do I need?

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  1. I love you blog and your family makes me smile!


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