Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sunsets & Bubbles.

The skies have been enchanting us with their gorgeous sunsets full of colour lately.  Our latest pastime is to sit on the trampoline at dusk and count all the colours in the sky.  

The record is 6.  

Pity my husband is colour blind.  

He can't play.


Brett has been in love with the moon lately.  

He woke me at 4.30am the other day.

"Hunny, wake up, you HAVE to come and see the moon".

It was freezing, and I was sick, so I declined his offer.  

Something he is yet to forgive me for.  

He takes any opportunity to tell me how amazing it was that morning, and how I missed it.

Did I mention it was 4.30am?!  

I am NOT a morning person.  Even more so in the winter.


I am slowly getting over this cold.  And one perfect way to warm your soul than to have a nice relaxing warm bubble bath with the sweetest little cherub in the world.

As we soaked until our fingers and toes were prunes, I soaked up every minute I got to have some timeout with my baby girl.  

She is growing up way to fast for my liking.  8 months old already.  It only seems like yesterday I gave birth to this astonishing creature.  

My heart stops.

I am complete.

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