Sunday, May 15, 2011

Small Change, Big Results!

I have been wanting to do a "Gallery" wall for a while now.  Two things have stopped me.  

1. I was unable to find the perfect frame that was totally me.  I found some gorgeous frames.  But I wanted something that was ME.  I wanted something a little kitschy, a little bold and something really different.  Something that would pop.

2.  I didn't want to spent $30-$40-$50 on each frame.  

In my adventures to deck Lucy's birthday party out on a budget, I came across the corner full of frames at the local op shop.  

After searching to find ones that had the glass and back intact, I bought 5 frames for... $6.50.


I took them home, and started painting.

Do you really think I would paint them a boring grey?  


It took me 4 days, but finally I finished all the coats.

I then took them to the framing shop and had some matt boards made.

I then added some of my favourite photos.  Taken by me.  Cause that just makes me smile even more.

And Viola!

Did I mention my favourite colour is RED?

I am extremely happy with them.

Exactly what I wanted.

AND I can keep adding... all along the wall.

I hear you ask... so what was the total cost?

Here is the best bit!

Frame - $1/$1.50
Matt Board - $7
Total Cost Per Frame - $8-$8.50
The smile it brings to my dial - Priceless!

{Full disclosure and all, I did spend $25 on paint (undercoat and red), but I used about 1/20th, so I have enough to paint about 100 more frames!}



  1. WOW!! They look awesome :)

  2. They look fab!

    I have been meaning to do something like that for ages around here. My wall are begging for colour!

  3. Awesome love it.
    But you know the next question I have is? Spill the beans, which op shop did you go to?

  4. Love it. Tips on your great photography skills would be awesome! Hint hint. I'm a wanna be photographer


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