Sunday, May 22, 2011

SEVEN - The 2nd Little Reason - A Birth Story.

I remember the day that my precious 2nd baby, my first daughter was born.  It rained that day, something that has continued every year since.

I was woken by mild contractions at 7.30am, 4 days before her due date.  As we waited to see if it was the real deal, I remember spending time with my little boy.  Hayden was only 17 months old.

By 10am, we knew it was "time" and we headed into the hospital.  On arrival, I was told that I was 4cm dilated and to make ourselves comfortable as we wouldn't be going home.  Hayden's birth was a marathon, so when the OBGYN on call asked if I wanted him to break my waters to speed things up, I accepted with pleasure.

I would have never imagined what happened next.  The contractions went from being 5mins apart and bearable, to back to back and screaming the house down excruciating.

I jumped in the shower in the hope that the hot hot water would help with the pain.  I lent on my knees over a stool, hot water soothing my back.

It didn't help.  I started spiralling out of control.

The midwife brought in the gas, and left.  I had no idea what to do with it, and after sucking probably 1/2 the bottle in one breath, my head spun and I nearly threw up.   I screamed at the midwife when she walked back in.  How dare she dump the gas in front of me and not show me how to use it.

I wanted an epidural, and yesterday.  The midwife said she wanted to check my dilation first.  I screamed at her that if she touched me before the epidural, I would punch her.

I got my epidural at 2pm, without an internal.

Looking back later, I realised that I was actually in the transition stage, and if I was given an internal, they would have discovered this and not given me the epidural!

At 3pm, I was ready to push.  I asked for the mirror.  I could see my baby crowning and with a 2nd push, her head popped out.  We waited a minute to see which way she would turn her head, and after the OB checked that the cord was clear, he told me to push slowly to get her shoulders out.  As soon as the did, he said "GRAB YOUR BABY" and placed my hands under her arms.  With one last push, I lifted my baby up onto my tummy.

In doing so, I saw in the mirror that she was, in fact, a GIRL.  I was positive I was having another boy, so I remember looking at Brett, tears streaming down my face, and asking "Is it really a girl? Quick have a look... Is it a girl???"

At 3.14pm, after 7.5hours of labour and only 2 pushes, our gorgeous Lucy was born.

We laid there, having skin to skin contact for over an hour.  I didn't want to let her go.  My parents came in after about 1/2hr with Hayden who was so gentle with his "LaLa".  We told him her name was Lucy, but he kept calling her "LaLa".

She still gets called LaLa today.  But she is no longer out Baby LaLa.

She is now SEVEN!

Our Baby LaLa

Beautiful Seven Year Old!

She wanted a fish for her birthday.
So as we gave her a small tank for her room,
and one little fighter fish whom she has named "Taylor".  

Her 1st SEVENTH birthday cake on her actual birthday.
She also took a treat to school for all her classmates.


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