Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Queen of Hearts.

I am totally burnt out from an exhausting day after a week of being sick with a bad cold and chest infection.

I am so far behind in my blog that I think it is crying from neglect.

So, lets start at the beginning...

Mothers Day.

I am blessed.  

No doubt there.

We opt to not spend loads of money on Mothers/Fathers day.  Instead, we cherish the handmade gifts that our children make.  

It brings them so much joy to make me a flower out of a tissue and a paddle pop stick.  

Like, for real!

When I woke on the Sunday morning, I was told that I MUST say in bed.  I heard little feet scurrying around the house, obviously looking for their handmade treasures that they had hidden from me.

They all bounded into our room with such delight.  Sheer joy and pride of their perfectly made gifts.

As we sat on our bed, snuggled in our jammies, I went through their cards and gifts one by one.  

Glitter and sequins invading the sheets, children playing under the doona.

It was magical.

Amongst my gifts was a book of coupons, made by Hayden, and including things like "One Stacked Dishwasher" (he helps unload it, but never to load it!) and "One hour of babysitting Camille while you have a bubble bath". 

My heart melts.  The gifts get more personal with age.


Not mine.

I am not ageing.

Just sayin'.


The week that followed started with Oliver and Joshua getting chest infections, and nasty colds.

Which in turn ended up with a sick Mama, and a sick baby girl.  

Not. Fun.

I had been waiting all week for today.  

The first FULL day I had out, on my own, absolutely NO children, in over 8 years!



I left an expressed bottle for Camille and some mash vegies and prayed that she would cope.

Turns out... she did, but refused any food/drink all day.  

As soon as she saw me pull up in the driveway, she was screaming in delight for her feed.  

And it was good.  

So, what was I doing all day?

My gorgeous brother gave me a voucher for a "Fundamentals Cake Decorating Class" for Christmas.  

Something he knows I would NEVER spend the money on.

I do not spend money on myself remember?

So he knew not to give me cash.  I HAD to go to this class.  And it was SO. MUCH. FUN!

Here is a sneak peak of my creation.  

You will have to wait until after Lucy's Birthday Party for the full view.

Her invitations went out on Friday.

It is slowly coming together.

I have been collecting these for weeks!  

I hope the kids like it.

Oh who am I kidding?


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