Monday, April 25, 2011


I am totally exhausted after what feels like our 40 day marathon.  

Easter started a couple of weeks ago, with lots of Easter arts and crafts, school Easter bonnet parades, kindy Easter bonnet parades, chocolate cooking classes and many mornings of hot cross buns for breakfast.

Oliver's First Easter Bonnet

I hear you ask about the Chocolate Cooking Class.  Well, this was attended by Miss Lucy.  

She loves cooking.

She loves Chocolate.

It was a great morning.

Good Friday we spent having a lazy day at home - well, as lazy as you can get when you have to call an ambulance because your 2 year old has turned blue.  He is fine and is recovering from an upper respiratory infection.  He is now on medication and we are giving him ventolin regularly throughout the day.

Saturday we spent having fun colouring-in and making things for our special Sunday.  I also read a few traditional stories of Easter, Jesus, and how the Easter Bunny fits into it all.

Saturday night, we headed out with good friends and hunted for glow-in-the dark eggs at our local park.  

So.  Much.  Fun.  

They were filled with jelly beans.  

Then Saturday night, we left out carrots for the bunny to snack on, tucked our Five Little Reasons in bed and headed to bed ourselves.

I thought our bunny was messy... but a girlfriend showed me the mess left in her kitchen,
and I am thankful that the bunny didn't get time to make such a mess here!  

As the Five Little Reasons grow older, the challenge to keep them guessing gets harder.  No longer can we put some talcum powder on the floor and a trail of little eggs.
{a couple of years ago one little reason proudly announced that "Hey, this smells just like the baby powder" }

So we started doing "hunts".  

Last year I had a map.  Hand drawn.  By your's truly.  With burnt edges.  

'Cause apparently the Easter Bunny sunlights as a pirate by day!

This year, I opted for a clue trail.

Which they L O V E D!

Hayden would read, then wait for the little kids to try and figure out the answer - cause he knew he was smarter.  

And they RAN around giggling!

And the Easter Bunny delivered.  

We then had a quiet, yet fun filled morning with family & friends.  A BBQ breakfast and a yummy dessert table.  

I must admit, that I am not creative to save my life.  

I can't take credit for anything.

I cheated. 

I googled.

I used free printables.

After brunch, we played the Wii, had mama naps and just spent time reflecting on the driveway. 

My gorgeous brother arrived at dinner time, and came baring wonderful gifts. 

He also gave us some DVD's and some Bible puzzle books, which Lucy has already started.  We had a little giggle when, after dinner, Lucy sat down to do a Word Search.  We were not aware of what she was doing... and she screamed in delight "I found God". 

In her word search.  

I hope you all had a wonderful, magical, spiritual Easter.  

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  1. Wow! What busy time you had! I love your hunt ideas, might have to take notes for next year!

    Just letting you know that I’m awarding you with the Versatile Blogger Award.

    You can read more about it here:

    I’m also passing the rules for accepting this award:

    * Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their site in your original post.
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    * Contact these bloggers and let them know they got this award.

  2. Your are totally awesome. We do a clues based hunt too - but yours puts me to shame. Love the easter display - just beautiful


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