Saturday, April 30, 2011

Big City and Small Trains

Today Brett and I decided to take our train obsessed boys (and our girls) to the Model Train Exhibition.  

An hour away.

In the big city.

And of course, we had to park a good 15 minutes away and had to walk.

On a warmish day.

In jeans.


ON A MAIN SCARY ROAD - which is 10 times worse when you are totally outnumbered.

We um'd and ah'd about taking the double pram.

I am glad I decided to override Brett's "Nah, we will be right!"

See those cars? Within centimetres of the edge of the footpath?
They were FLYING!
We arrived and there was a blind man at the front entrance, asking for change.  His gorgeous guide dog sitting next to him.

Brett gave the kids some loose change, and Lucy says in her loudest voice "Look Mama!  This man is BLIND.  That means he can't see us".

Yes darling girl.  But he can HEAR you!

Luckily he couldn't see me blush.

We had a quick, but good conversation about what being blind meant, and how we are very blessed that we can see this beautiful world.

We finally made it inside and it was full of all the grown men who obviously didn't want to admit that they were in fact... grown-ups!

I didn't see one stand holder under the age of 60.

But they were all so very lovely and all willing to listen to my children's questions and show them all about their aah-may-zing creations.

 After about an hour, we finally hit the jackpot!  My kids wouldn't leave.

This was breath-taking!!

And all this LEGO was MOVING!!!

I am not sure if anyone saw this, but I appreciated the humour of this THOMAS world's creation.
The sign on Brewster says "Scrap Metal.  Help Yourself"

Come on!  That is funny!  No?

Oliver and his little friend Sean were mesmerised.  Like seriously, we could have gone and had a coffee and they would have been in the same spot when we came back!

My heart skips a beat when I look at this one.  

 We then decided to head to Fortitude Valley for lunch.

It was like I never left.

The smells.

The sounds.

The atmosphere.

Brett and I lived up the road and spent many a weekend here pre-kids and this would be the place we would be living if we didn't have kids.

But we do.

I was begging Brett to let me inside this place.

Just one.

A little one... I promise, just a little one.

He dragged me away.

As much as I love visiting the city, we agree that it isn't our blooming place.

I have said it before.  The coast is our home.  It is where our roots have buried into the sandy soil.

It is where we bloom.

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  1. What a great day! Your photos are gorgeous and truly capture the excitement of the day. So nice to get out with the family and enjoy yourself too. I can see what you mean about life pre-kids, sometimes to swap, even just for a moment feels so tempting!


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