Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday High Tea

Today I got to spend some time with my girls.  We headed out for a High Tea lunch at the Sheraton, to celebrate one of my mums close friends birthday.

Lucy and I got dressed and talked about etiquette.  As we sat in the bathroom, straightening her hair, we talked about manners and expectations that come with being a girl.  She was allowed to wear her dangly earrings (little cherry's), her "L" pendant and her bluebird bracelet.

We packed a little handbag with her little hairbrush, her lipgloss, some tissues and some bandaids...for her new shoes... just in case.

We headed to my parents house, to pick up my mum & grandma.  While we were there, I asked dad to take  some photos of the 4 generations.  He took about 20 photos... this one is the only one not blurred.  Love you dad!  :)

4 Generations of girls!  

The Sheraton here is right on the beach.  Such a gorgeous setting.  Lucy was in awe of the beautiful hotel.  I had a little giggle when she said "Oh mama, check out the lovely taps" when we went to the bathroom.

The Gorgeous View from our table.

Of course, who could resist sitting on the bench in the elevator!

 Lunch was delicious!  I ate waaaay too much.  Lucy was so excited when I said she could have a cup of tea (weak decaf).  She sipped it so gently.

I love my shoes - but boy was I glad to take them off when we got to the car.
{Note To Self:  Must wear heels more often to get your feet used to them again!}

To end our beautiful day, we had to stop on the side of the highway on the way home to take a photo of this gorgeous rainbow.  Lucy wanted to look at it forever.  She said "it is even more magical mama, because it is a DOUBLE rainbow!".

Have a great week everyone.  We hope it is filled with bursts of colour!

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  1. What a fabulous day! I love the photo of the four generation of girls! So precious. Love your shoes too, I had my red heels on too this morning! ;)

  2. oh how lovely!!! sounds like you had a fun day!

    Chris :)


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