Sunday, March 13, 2011

Petrol, Chickens and Rhythm.

I have been in a major funk this week.  I still can't put my finger on it, but I just wasn't me.  I wasn't sick {although I had some horrid days with a sick toddler},  I wasn't tired, I wasn't down.  But I just couldn't get myself up and out of the low I was sitting in.

The washing pilled up, the floors got grubby and the bathroom mirrors had sticky toothpaste handprints on them... and I just couldn't be bothered.

This morning when we woke, Brett said "I need to get out of the house... come on, lets got for a drive up the mountain, we haven't done it in ages".  I think I was pregnant the last time we trecked up the mountain... and this is probably the biggest reason.


For those of you not from around these parts... it has NEVER been this high.
110 is high, 130 is atrocious, 151.9 is literally speechless!
*When I got my licence over 15 years ago... I remember thinking 70c was high!  :o

So, after we spent over $100 filling the minivan up, we made our way up the mountain.  It was a peaceful drive as I had my music playing on my ipod and the kids were watching a movie.

The whole way up, Brett was being optimistic that we would arrive above the dreary clouds.  It wasn't too bad.  There were a few moments that we had to find shelter, but we used those moments to have a cuppa and something to bite.

Waiting for the short shower to pass when we arrived at the mountain markets!

The famous Bacon Rolls.
We spent a little time at the markets and bought some yummy coffee beans from the local grower, loads of apples and Brett met an awesome man who was an old world map printmaker.  His work was exquisite and Brett was really keen on learning more.

The kids had fun with these chicken cluckers... seriously, you would think there was a brood of hens in our house... they are so cool! {You pull a wet piece of cloth along the string held taught}

We then stopped at the edge of the mountain, where on a fine and windy day, the hang-gliders flock.  Again we timed getting out of the car to the second, and had just moments to snap a few photos before we loaded back into the car just in time!

Flying baby!  I just love that she didn't take her thumb out of her mouth!

We then headed back down the mountain, and I tallied that the drive cost us about $25 in petrol!  Eek!!!

When we got home, I stuck to my pact, and I cranked the music up.  Then I decided to get all the instruments out.  Brett and I agreed a long time ago, that we would have lots of instruments lying around the house.  We want the kids to have them available to pick up when they want, and just jam.

And they do.  We regularly have someone sitting on the couch, strumming at one of the 5 guitars, or sitting at the piano, banging away.

We set the drum kit up in the garage, and within minutes, all the kids in the street flocked.


Hayden & Lucy had fun...but Joshua...

This kid has rhythm!!!  Man, he is destined to be a drummer.  I was impressed!

and this one... well... he just showed off!  :)

And little Oliver couldn't be left out...

Watch out world... Five Little Reasons are bound for stardom!  :)

Have a great week, and remember to fill it with music!



  1. Hi! Just found you through AMB. Am following you now :)

    I love your photo of your 'flying baby'. You could totally crop out your husband's hands and it would look even more convincing.

    I hope it's a good week ahead for you x

  2. Hi Mummy Daze. Thanks for stopping by.

    My Hubby wanted me to crop his hands out, but I liked the look of someone there to catch her. :)

    Have a great week, and see you again soon. x

  3. Love the pic too- definately hands in tho!!! We all need someone to catch us when we fall :)

  4. Danielle, just found you through AMB! You are great and brought a huge smile to my face! I would love to feature you and your flying baby on my Smile Sunday posts. I think everyone who sees it would have a smile on their face! Come and visit me and say hi at and let me know what you think about a Simle Sunday spot.
    Glad to have found you!

  5. Hi Danielle!
    Thanks for the post on my FB page, I am not sure how to contact you, when you get a moment can you email me at mummasminimes(at) :)
    Look forward to chatting!

  6. I love that photo of your daughter in the air - divine! I have five kids too.

  7. Great post! Love that you got out of the house... sometimes I forget how great a change of scenery is and some fresh air! Although I have to say, petrol is consistently $1.50 a litre here in Perth - you might snag it for $1.39 on the cheapest day of the week if you're lucky...


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