Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hairbrushes, Wooden Spoons and Fists.

I was raised listening to Madonna, Queen, Meatloaf, Simon & Garfunkle, Jethro Tull, Deep Purple and  Supertramp.  

My parents were are rock and roll.  

In early high school, I discovered Bon Jovi, Roxette and later the Goo Goo Dolls.  I started playing the piano at 5, and studied music from an early age, right through to highschool.  I also grew up singing.  I loved to sing.  I was a good singer.  I was in all the choirs.  Church, School & Bathroom choirs.  I was pretty good.  I wasn't destined to be a singer, but I had tone and hit all the right notes.  

I have a real appreciation of music.  I will listen to pretty much anything.

I guess this is a big reason Brett and I are a perfect match.  He too grew up studying music.. but more in a cool boy, self-taught way.  He was in the band, played drums, guitar and bass.  All of which I wished I could play.  He was also in all the choirs and has such a deep passion for music that it borders insane.  He is a real genius when it comes to music.  You can ask him ANYTHING about music and he will know.  Serioulsy, he knows every artist, every name of every album, he knows about the "newbies" before they have even released their first song.

I can hear a song on the radio, text him one line from the song, and he will text back the Artist, Album and Song.  FREAKY!!!

Something I have lost over the past few years is my connection to music.  However, my journey of my "finding myself" has made me rediscovered my love for music.

My darling husband bought me an iPod touch for Mothers Day last year, mainly because I was complaining about all the diary's, calendars and post-it-notes with all our appointments... nothing matched.  I wanted something that I could "sync" with my iCal {my computer diary/calendar for all those not mac}.  I love it.  Now, no matter where I am, I can make sure I don't double book anything {and with all the kids I have, double booking is very easy to do!}.

However, in the past almost 12 months, apart from playing solitaire and having a few free kids apps to keep the kids busy in the doctors waiting room, I haven't really used my iPod for anything other than that.  So I decided to start using iTunes.

I have had my iMac for over 18 months and I have never used iTunes.

Go figure.

But I am a little shiny disk kind of a girl.

And besides... when do I ever get time to listen to music.  I haven't been able to "crank" it in the minivan for a few years.  Either the kids are too noisy, or they are watching a movie {note to self: must get another couple of wireless headphones so I can have my radio back}.  And during the day, I either forget to turn the music on, or I have babies sleeping, so don't want to crank it up. It is very hard to listen to music when you are trying to  hush a baby to sleep, or trying to auto-pilot your way to a destination in the car.   And forget about sitting down to play the piano.

See, for me, when it comes to music, I need to have it CRANKED!  Dance like no-one is watching cranked.  Pretending that I can dance, wildly waving my arms, swinging your hair, feeling free, feeling the beat.

So, I have been s l o w l y transferring all my CD's to my iTunes.  And have been reminiscing listening to all my favourites.  Kelly Clarkson, Madonna, GooGoo Dolls, Bon Jovi, Sara Bareillies - who is my current favourite.

I now carry my iPod everywhere.  I stick it in my bra, and away I go... hanging the washing out, doing the dishes, mopping the floors... Do they make waterproof headphones?  I would so buy a pair so I could listen in the shower.

And all the time I am dancing.

Shaking my boo-tee.

Swinging my hips.

Feeling the rhythm.

And I have made a pact with myself to crank the music on the surround speakers in the lounge room for at least 3 songs per day.

And dance and sing like no-one is watching.

Except, there is always at least one little person watching.

So, this week, I challenge you to pull out your hairbrush, your wooden spoon or your fist and sing as loudly as you can.  Dance as crazy as you can.  You will be surprised at how good it makes you feel.

I am off now to dance and sing with my darling husband.

In our kitchen.

While cooking dinner.

With the kids dancing around.



  1. If you love choirs and all things singing, you will definitely love the PS22 Chorus on YouTube.
    Let me know what you think.
    - Sarita.

  2. Oh I love Sarita! Thanks for the link. I have a new YouTube favourite! ;) My dream (one day) is to be a primary school music teacher. One day... :)

  3. Danielle I was raised on that music as well Jethro Tull is my fav love them.
    whenever the hubby and I get a chance we love to go see a band play on a friday night
    This too is my passion. I feel brett and I would get along like a house on fire and have pleanty to talk about. you can ask me anything about music especially the baby boomer era!!


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