Sunday, February 27, 2011

Organising, Big Beds and Usual Weekends

When you have a large family, you have to be good at organising.  Luckily for us, I love being organised.  Actually, sometimes it can be to my own destruction.  I don't cope well if things don't run to plan.  I plan EVERYTHING.  I can quiet easily have a "meltdown" if things are starting to turn south.  I panic... wondering what disaster I will have to deal with if something goes wrong.  It doesn't happen often... oh, who am I kidding, it happens more than I want to admit!

My biggest pet peeve is poor time management.    I have a routine and systems in place to make sure our routine runs on time.  I don't have time to dilly-dally.  Things have to get done, and I have no time to procrastinate.  If I fall even one or two steps behind... I am making up for it for a long time.

I am not a procrastinator... never will be.

Anyway... back to organisation.  I thought I would show you our garage.  As you know, it is where we spend a lot of our time.   So, our garage has all we need for our driveway fun and all our "get out of the house" organisation too.

Our Art Station.  A place for shoes .  A place for extra hats and the suncream.  And our "School Bag Station".  Each child has two hooks, one for their bag, one for their hat, plus their shoe box underneath.  If you look carefully, their name is above their hook.  And the sheet has the things they have to remember for each day (ie:  Wednesday - don't forget your violin.  Thursday, don't forget you have chess club)

Our Art Table.  This gets dragged onto the driveway for "messy" play!
Our outside toy box.  Water pistols, balls, garden bug catches, and all outdoor toys are kept in here.  
Is it obvious that I love these buckets yet?
Inside these two are beach toys (blue one) and everyone's togs (purple one)


{**** is code for "I am about to jump topics" }

Remember my heartache when having to pack away the cradle?  Well, this is why...

What a cruel mama making me sleep in here just that little bit longer.

So, we had to do the big switch-a-roo.  Hayden got a new bed (I am in the middle of making over his room... stay tuned).  Oliver went into the big boy bed (previously Hayden's bed), and Camille went into the cot.  
Little Boys Room.
Why does he insist on sleeping like this?  
Look at all this space mama!  <3

Do you like all the chew marks along the rail?  
I have a feeling it is going to be even harder to put the cot away for the final time.


We had awesome weather again this weekend... so outside we went.  The slip-n-slide made an appearance, as did some bubbles and a science lesson about helium.

 Camille discovered the grass.

How cool is this shadow?  Camille flying... looks exactly like a bunny!  

Bye Bye Balloon.  
Have you ever watched a helium balloon fly away?  I seriously didn't even see it disappear.

Look how clever I am!

5 months old!  

Happy Sunday Everyone!



  1. Your kids are adorable! I know how you feel about having to pack away the cradle. Mine is still sitting in my bedroom and my youngest has been in the cot for about 3 and a half months. My hubby says no more and that 3 is our number! But my heart is pleading for a 4th!
    I love you organisation in the garage. I might have to steal it!

  2. LOVE to be that organised! But I have to organise to get organised to be that organised!!! ;)

  3. My hubby said no more after 4. I was just starting to be ok with it... and he changed his mind and said "ok, just one more". Needless to say, I didn't hesitate and wait for him to change his mind again. x

  4. Oh that was wonderful...I accidentally stumbled into your life and your home, and had an emjoyable few minutes gazing at your adorable family, gawping in awe at your tidy play station area in the garage, and laughing at your delightful comments. I wonder how you do all of that organisation when there's five little ones inhabiting your space...but I guess it is all about organisation...and you have it off pat. Bravo Mama!

  5. Umm...your garage puts my ENTIRE HOUSE to shame. Ignoring the fact that you have 5 kids to my 3. If you finish organising your own place to a level that you're happy with - please come and do mine. I can't pay you with anything other than cupcakes and so much feral noise that you will appreciate going home to your own organised house that much more afterwards.

  6. Hey there!
    Love your blog and am now following it on Google Friend Connect so I don't miss a thing, will definitely be back!
    Following you from AMB :-)

    Ps - Your little people are GORGEOUS!

  7. thanks so much for posting that Danielle

    Chris xo

  8. A great post with beautiful photos. I have the organising bug at the moment. I wish I had it before school holidays started. Have a fantastic new year!!

    Rachel xx


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