Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A State of Shock

I wrote a post, however I haven't pressed publish as it doesn't seem important right now.  

My home town is under threat as we speak.  

I sit looking at the screen, and words fail me.  

I sit and :blink:


I am in total shock.

I never thought I would see this, and I hope to never see it again in my lifetime.  

I wasn't born when the '74 floods hit.  Brett was 2, and not yet in Australia.

My grandparents lived in Rosalie, in the heart of the city, my whole life.  

50something years.  Maybe it is 60something now...

Growing up, we had a constant reminder of the '74 flood levels.  
A corner shop with the water level marked with a sign that was 1/2 rusted.  
You know, those hanging signs from the CELING of the footpath.

That is how high it got in '74.  

My grandparents house sat the highest on the hill back then.  In the 90's, after my grandfather got ill, they moved from their large house, into a small, manageable house at the bottom of the hill.  

They are saying that the '11 floods will exceed the '74 levels.  
In this case, my grandma's house will go under.  

I am numb.  I have no words.  There is nothing we can do.  Nothing. 

My mum went yesterday to fetch my grandma and bring her back down here.  
1 hour away from her home.  

I can not begin to imagine what this is doing to her.  She would be heartbroken.  She is 84.  She is frail.  Her life is in that house.  I mean, she has only been in this particular house for less than 20 years, but 20 years is a lifetime for some.  And think about her possessions left behind.  

60something years of memories.  

She had to leave heirlooms.  

She had to leave paintings my grandfather painted.  

She had to leave treasures.

I can't imagine the terror going through her mind right now.

And what is the saddest part of it all.  She is one of the BEST off.  

People have already lost EVERYTHING.

People have lost their LIVES!

My home town is literally drowning and I can't do a darn thing.

We wait.  We watch.  We cry.  

Flood levels are supposed to peak... today?   tomorrow?  I don't know anymore.

I do know this.  I cried when she arrived at my house yesterday.  She is alive.  It isn't her time.   I still need more time with her.

My heart is breaking for all those lost.

That is my grandma's house on the left.  That white fence is almost 7foot high!
Photo taken Lunch time Tuesday 11th January 2011

Local shops.  

This is her neighbourhood.  Her house is in the bottom left.
12th Jan 2011

This is Wednesday - see the street that is clearing on the left - the water has come down a metre already.
Right on that line is her garage door - so if the water was a metre up her garage door.... well, you can guess what inside is like. 

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  1. The nation cries with you. I am so shocked by the absolute destruction these floods have cause. The cost of human lives lost, and material possessions. My thoughts and prayers are with all the people who have lost loved ones, and with people who have lost everything. It is heart warming seeing all the volunteers lining up to help the flood victims out. My prayers are with your Grandma. Thinking of you all.


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