Monday, January 31, 2011

Mail time

I am sure most stay-at-home mums are the same, but we tend to stay pretty close to home.  The thought of tackling the shops with 5 children 8 and under gives me a headache - and they are generally pretty good when we go shopping, but my mind just explodes.  I forget things.  I get distracted.  I wander around... then back and forth... and end up getting home and realising I forgot to buy something I went into buy.

I hate shopping.

I love spending, but I hate shopping.

I feel so incredibly blessed to live in the digital age, where I can shop online.

In my PJ's.

While watching Jersey Shore.

While babies are napping.

While kids are happily playing.

I have started doing my groceries online.


I hate shopping.

I have a lovely guy, who brings my groceries right into my KITCHEN!  He places them on the counter, and I put them away!  No trolly to fight with.  No loading, unloading, loading, unloading.  No kids running through a carpark.

And, even better, I stick to my budget.  I know exactly what is in my trolly, and I can clearly see the cheapest/best value {a must with a large family}.

Then... I discovered Etsy.  Holy Cow.

Must. Put. Creditcard. Down.

THEN... I discovered Made-it - even bigger holy cow.

I think I am going nuts buying Camille pretty things.  It is like God said "finally, I give you another girl... go nuts!".

And I go nuts.

Last night, I sat at my computer, along side 300+ other ladies... waiting.   Waiting. WAITING.

Then something CRAZY happened.  A Made-it store opened with only TWENTY gorgeous handmade frilly nappy covers.  300+ ladies hitting refresh.  300+ ladies wanting to get one of these hand-sew pieces of heaven in their hands.

I got one in my trolly... but you have to be fast...

It isn't like in the REAL shops.

Online - Other shoppers can take your goods OUT of your trolly.  Until you have pressed "BUY", people can swipe it.

BUT, I was fast.  Well, I must give credit to our superfast fibre optic internet connection.


I burst out laughing.  Brett thought I was MAD.  Heck, deep down, I think I am MAD.  I get giggles now just thinking about it.

If you don't think this is the sweetest, you are MAD!

Online shopping rocks.

And, my mail man rocks.  He is here early.  My packages are always delivered while I am doing the school run... so when we get home, we can't even get past the front door before the sweet packages are demolished and cardboard is everywhere.

No time to find scissors.  I use my teeth and nails to claw my way in.

Must go and finish my groceries cart so I can have it delivered.



  1. Georgie Girl is so hard to get these days, I am going to suggest the pixie pot for you! she has the cutest bloomers just like tina's The pixie pot has been around alot longer than georgie girl( although I love gg's fabrics) Love Love Love made it I will be searching for homemade nappy bags and Nappies shortly, Kate Rawlinson

  2. I intend to learn about this online shopping phenomena this year despite having more time than ever to hit the shops. I am sick of finding a car park, and as you said load, unload, unpack & organise. Then get onto the cooking, by that stage you are stuffed! not to mention if the kiddies are with you and all that encompasses. And I only have 2! I had to laugh at the teeth opening the package ;)
    tell me some cute things to buy, I don't know what I *cough* need. Would like a cute rug for Kasey's room (turning 9 at the end of the Year) that's about it at this stage. I did get a visa debit card, and have loaded it with $300 "play" money... that's a start, right??

    Chris -gimmeguitars from EB

  3. You are a dag! But I get what you mean about waiting for packages! I am so impatient. And online shopping is both the best invention ever and EVIL!

  4. I have a bloomers addiction... I <3 GG! But i also love love love Ella's Muddy Ruffles!


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