Thursday, December 30, 2010


Hello.  Pull up a chair.  Comfy?  Got your coffee?  Thanks for dropping by.   This is my temporary blog.   I want a bigger, better, flashier site, but for now, this is where I will be.   I am still figuring this all out... so please be patient.  

I am going to post weekly, sometimes daily.  My life is full on.  I am a little stressed.  5 kids in less than 8 years does that to a person.  I try to be the best mama I can be.  My children are my world.  I know, I know, every mama says that.  

I want to stop and smell the roses more...and what better way than to "journal" it.  Get's me thinking about the bigger picture.  Makes me enjoy the smaller things.  

So, this is it.  Please de-lurk.  Save me in your favourites.  Add me to your RSS feed.  Join the FB page and I will update you when I have a new post.  And please comment.  Talking to myself will probably send me bonkers.  Just sayin'.  


  1. I'll be following you Danielle. I had my five kids in 7 years so I am sure I'll be able to relate to some of your blog posts! Besides anyone who loves a cute pair of shoes has to be a kindred spirit!!

  2. Hey Dani, this is great.
    I'll do the sky diving with you, thats at the top of my bucket list too. I've promised to reward myself with that one when i reach a certain goal.
    Jonathon can show you how to do an oil change too.
    Thanks for sharing this..i'm enjoying it heaps.


I am a Mama of Five. A wife to one. I believe in documenting life using stories. I love telling you mine and would love to hear yours.

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