Saturday, April 5, 2014

Photography Course with Click Love Grow {Sponsored}

I bought my first DSLR about 5 years ago.  My main objective was to have a good camera to document the Reason's lives.  I read the instruction manual that came with my camera and off I went.

5 years later, I am 100% self-taught.  I don't use auto, but I don't 100% use Manual.  I mainly get stuck on TV - which is 1/2 manual.

Now, I am going to be really honest with you.  I still don't fully understand all the camera lingo.  I mean, I get the gist -  aperture, depth of field, shutter etc, but if you asked me to explain it to you - I wouldn't have a clue!

One of my 2014 bucket list items was to do a Photography course.  I searched for a while, but never found one that I thought would be a  great starting point.  I wanted to master my camera step-by-step.

Then I met Louise from Click Love Grow and knew straight away that her online photography course was the perfect fit.

In Click Grow Love's  8 week Online Course you will master your camera settings and build and improve the skills you already have.

The course is delivered by email - which takes you to your virtual classroom where you will find all your resources in formats such as Video & Audio lessons, Workbooks & Notes as well as one-on-one feedback of your weekly assignments.  The best bit  - you will join your classmates in a friendly online community to share your ideas and support one another throughout your learning.

By the end of the course, you will have learned all about:
  • Composition
  • Light
  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speed
  • Portraits
  • Travel, Landscapes & Moments
  • Workflow and Simple Editing

I am really excited to start the course and would love my readers to join in.
The next course starts THIS WEEK!  So head over now to sign up.  

Enrolments close 7th April!

And remember - Mother's Day is just around the corner - Hint-Hint!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

For the Love of Photography.

I am not a photographer.  And I actually cringe when people imply that I am.  Would I secretly like to be one ? absolutely.  Do I have the confidence to be one? no way!

I constantly hear photographers talk about how they always knew that they wanted to get into photography.  That they fell in love with a camera in their childhood/teenage years.

I fell in love with photography later in life.

I wasn't one of these "I grew up with a camera in my hand" kind of a girl.   I grew up in a working class family, so a camera wasn't something we had lying around the house.  I remember buying my first camera when I was 17.  A cheap point and shoot film camera, which I barely used, as film and developing was so expensive.

Then, when Reasons #1 was born, we took the plunge and bought our first Digital Camera.  They were  very expensive and very low quality - but really a step up from the original we possessed.

I didn't really discover a love for photography until 5 years ago, when I purchased my first DSLR.  And it wasn't love at first sight.  It grew on me.

However the past 12 months, I felt like I lost it.  Lost the love.  Lost my confidence.  And also got addicted to my iPhone which was really putting a lot of strain on my relationship with my DSLR.

I have spent the week going through my photos.  Remembering the love I have for taking them.

And I really do love taking them.

Have you stopped yourself from reaching your full potential with something you love?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Putting Down the iPhone {Photography}

I am the first person to say that I am totally in love and addicted to my iPhone.  When I first bought one, some 4 years ago, I was instantly hooked.   It has everything I need - my diary, emails, apps and a video & still camera.  It's easy to carry everywhere I go without having to lug a heavy bag around.

My point&shoot instantly became obsolete and my SLR was put into second place.   80% of my photos these days are taken on my iPhone.  With apps like Instagram, photography has certainly been reinvented. With the press of a couple of buttons, I can uploaded them quickly and easily to Facebook and Instagram for family and friends to view.

My iPhone has made me a lazy photographer.

This would be ok, if I didn't have an interest in photography.

But I do.  So I need to get my camera out again.

I have decided that for the next month, I am going to use my DLSR 100% of the time.  I am putting down my iPhone.

To start me off… Here is a few I quickly took tonight.

Do you need to put your iPhone down?
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